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ShopZ, a free and simple e-Commerce platform, helps to bring Your webshop online. Start a trial with Erply, connect Your Shopz account and set up Your store in 5 minutes!

Making e-Commerce easy for everyone

Build, run and grow your webshop easily and quickly. Connect Your Erply and enjoy a free ShopZ account. Our easy-to-use drag & drop builder helps you to design and customize your webshop.

Connect Your tools to ShopZ

Erply integration

Integrate Erply's API and start managing Your stock, customers database, products and campaigns. All Your webshop's data is maintained in Your Erply account, ALL in ONE PLACE!

Payment integrations

Offer your customers the payments solution they need and jumpstart your webshop. We support integrations with Adyen, Worldpay, Paypal, Maksekeskus and TSYS.

Delivery integrations

Choose the suitable delivery methods to add flexibility. We support DPD, Itella and Pickup from store.

Start Growing with ShopZ

There is a faster way to build Your webshop

By connecting Your Erply account with ShopZ, get an e-commerce platform in less time, with less cost. Start selling Your products and closing deals as soon as possible

Create a ShopZ account

First step in the journey, a free set-up of Your ShopZ account.

Connect Your Erply account

Sign in / Sign Up to Your Erply account and connect it to Your ShopZ.

Start building Your Webshop

Build and launch Your e-commerce platform quickly and start getting customers.

Easy to use, yet powerful enough!

Customize the site's components by choosing elements from our built-in library. Create and design the different views of Your webshop and preview them before publishing. Then watch the customers roll in.

All-in-one solution for Your business

Easily create a new design for Your e-commerce business

Prepare for take-off with ShopZ and launch faster than ever

Enroll for Erply and skip commission fees

Start Growing with ShopZ's free tool

Grow better with the right plan

ShopZ is a free extension of Erply. Create an Erply account and Start using ShopZ for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Grow Together!


Is ShopZ a free tool?

It's free for Erply users - all you need to do is to connect Your Erply account to ShopZ and start building Your free e-commerce shop.


How much does Erply cost?

We have different pricing plans with a risk free trial. Enroll now and grow Your business with us. Learn more about Erply pricing plan.


Still have questions about how to use ShopZ tool?

Check our Help Documentation or send us an email at

Start Your e-Commerce store with ShopZ today

Product Inventory Management

Create and update multi-level product groups and build a systematized product tree

Personalize Your webshop's design

Master the webshop's design by creating and configuring Your page components

Grow with ShopZ

Run Your e-commerce platform on different devices and offer exactly what Your customers need

Try it out Yourself

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