Build an eCommerce site that matches your brand image in minutes

ShopZ is a customisable eCommerce platform that helps you get your new website up and running with no extra cost. Put your inventory online and start making money!

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ShopZ is highly integrated with the modern ERP software to provide customers a seamless experience online. We also have the integrations with several partners to provide the best service.

ERP integration:
- Full integrations with Erply's API, that allows you to control the products and campaigns on your website. Additionally all orders will be sent to Erply to provide centralized control over all your orders
- WMS - Warehouse Management System allows you to automate all your incoming and outgoing orders
- Stocktake - Be sure to keep your warehouse up to date with Stocktake Application
- PIM - Full PIM functionality to provide the needed information for your customers. Use different features to create comfortable filtering system and much more

Payment Integrations:

- Estonia:
   - Maksekeskus
   - Luminor
- Global:
   - Adyen
   - Worldpay
   - Global Payments
   - PayPal

Delivery partners:
- Itella
- Omniva
- Venipak

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Make yourself at least several stores at once: stores of different brands, niche stores, simple e-shops of a product or service

We integrate delivery and payment options to your store according to the e-store and customer base, be it B2B, B2C, order center or other customers with special wishes and interests, so that satisfaction is guaranteed for everyone! Erply user-friendly checkout software works on all your preferred devices, where it is convenient to manage and confirm orders and pay both in the store and online. All the necessary settings can be easily adjusted in the e-shop control panel.

ShopZ mission - easy e-commerce and the opportunity for everyone to monetize their products

Our mission is not just to make e-shops, but to create a comprehensive sales platform that helps to quickly create, grow and manage an e-shop. We bring physical stores to the e-environment, but we make them even better by offering a platform that combines warehouse, delivery and marketing support.

Cost of creating a website

Service and commission fees, monthly payments and other expenses? Creating and managing a ShopZ e-store is FREE of charge for you! Save money and energy, we take care of everything! We get some money back from the bank fees so that everyone is happy.

How to get started?

ShopZ e-poe loomine:

Selleks tuleks minna lingile ja esimesel ekraanil teha valik:

  1. Kui soovite uut Erply kontot ja epoodi vajutada esimesele lingile

  2. Kui soovite olemasoleva Erply konto ühendada e-poega vajutada teisele lingile

Toodete ja piltide haldamine:

Toodete importimiseks/lisamiseks ja piltide üleslaadimiseks tuleks sisse logida oma Erply kontosse ( ja juhendid selle kohta leiab saidilt


E-poe haldamine:

E-poe haldamiseks tuleks logida sisse (sisse saab logida oma Erply kasutaja andmetega)

Seal on teil võimalik lisada makse ja tarne võimalused, teha pood aktiivseks, lisada vajalikud tingimused oma lehele ja muuta lehekülje kujundust.

  1. E-poe üldseadistused:

Sisselogides valida Change store settings ja vasakult menüüst valida General.

Seejärel avanevad teile järgnevad võimalused

  1. Tarne lisamine:

Tarne seadistuse leiate vasakult menüüst Order management alt

  1. Maksete lisamine:

Menüüst valida almgrupp Payment

  1. Tingimuste lisamine:

Tingimuste lisamiseks valida menüüst alamgrupp Legal

  1. Kujunduse muutmine:

Kujunduse muutmiseks valida ülevalt vasakult Theme

Avalehel avaneb teile peamine vaade kus on toodud teie lehe hetke kujundus ja üleval ribal on näha millist lehekülge hetkel muudate


Vasakul ribal on toodud välja eri komponendid mis on antud lehe jaoks lisatavad. Näiteks toote lehele ei ole võimalik lisada ostukorvi disaini jne. Kõik valikud mida on vasakul näha saab kasutada ja omavahel kombineerida:

Komponendi lisamiseks vajutage komponendil või lohistage see paremal asuvasse eelvaate aknasse. Info mis siin kuvatakse on näidis andmetega, päris lehe vaatamiseks värskendage oma kodulehte


Pärast muudatusi vastaval lehel vajutage Save nuppu. Kui liikuda lehelt ära ilma salvestamata kaovad ära ka teie tehtud muudatused.


Lisaks on võimalik erinevaid komponente omavahel siduda. Selleks tuleks valida Layout komponent ja vajutades konkreetsel layout osal on võimalik sinna lisada eri komponendid


Igal komponendil on võimalik muuta CSS klasse (et vahetada värvi, fondi suurust jne). Lisaks on võimalik pildi/teksti komponentidel muuta teksti ja lisada pilte otse läbi admin vaate:

Seda tuleks teha igas keeles mida kodulehel kasutate. Pärast igat muudatust vajutada paremal ribal Apply ja lehe lõpus Save.


Kuna lehekülge Cache’kse, siis kõige parem on muudatusi näha kui tühjendada oma browseri cache või teha “hard refresh”. Selleks vajutada Macil CMD + Shift + R ja Windowsil CTRL + Shift + R


Küsimuste või soovide korral võtke ühendust

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Complete process to manage your business/wholesale customer orders

We've created a completely new functionality to manage all your large customer orders in one place. Whats the difference between B2C and B2B store?

1. Complete Orders in your Business Software


B2B Store is completely integrated with the business software, which allows you to manage all customer orders with ease. Have a complete overview of your key-customer orders, make sure the customer balance is in order, send out products with waybills or create an invoice-waybills right away.


2. Reduce your expenses with automated warehouse processes


WMS (warehouse management system) allows you to automate the inbound and outbound activities of all orders and products in your warehouse. Sadly human errors are common for employees in busy times, automating the process guarantees that the stock is always correct and counted. Additionally you should start using our Stocktake application, to make sure the stocktaking process is easy and you'll have a clear overview of what's going on in your warehouse.


3. Be transparent with your customers


Logged in customers can see their personalized pricing and product catalogue. No need for your customers to send emails or give you a call to ask for quotes or confirm the availability of products. Easily determine the pricing in your business software and allow your customers to see which orders have been shipped out, which ones are unpaid or refused.


4. Allow your customers to place orders with no hassle


Using B2B webstore makes your customers life easier - no need to enter details over and over; transparent and personalized pricing; reorder same products from previous orders; etc. Customers can easily log in to webshop and have a full overview of their order history and products available for ordering. They can also see the reports on most ordered products, purchase summary and recently added products.


5. Create a positive experience for your employees and customers


User experience is the key for each webstore, this makes customers come back! When creating an environment for the customer which makes their life easier and gives them full visiblity, you can make sure they will return for another purchase.


6. Lower the expenses and implement new workflows


Lower the expenses by automating your current processes - you don't need to accept orders over a phone, enter them into the system and manually fulfilling them on the warehouse part. This can save you atleast 2500 EUR per month.
Introducing new workflows for your customers allows you to create customer relations that last for years!
Standard pricing for Magento B2B store is roughly 30000 EUR, with ShopZ B2B solution you can get the webstore up and running for 6000EUR + monthly fee for Erply. There are no extra fees and you'll make your money back in couple months


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Erply has taken the next step in product information management creating a new generation PIM.

New PIM core functionality includes:

- Comfortable solution for creating and managing products
- Creating product tree using product groups:
   - Setting parameters for product groups
   - Using parameters will add extra configurable fields
   - Adding products to multiple groups
   - And a lot more
- Managing product files and images through comfortable CDN application
   - Bulk upload
   - Processing and queueing images (inside the application)
- Adjusting the information output as needed
- Managing variation/matrix products
- Adding Linked/Replacement/Comparison products
- Creating and determining parameter groups
- Translation module for quick language management
- Creating product families (new way to categorize products)
- Mobile support
- Fully updated API

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Create a webshop within minutes and make it active within couple hours

To create your own free webshop, navigate to "CREATE MY SHOP NOW". Creating your new store will take couple minutes and after that you'll receive an Erply account and link to your shop. Then you can navigate to "LOGIN" on the homepage, that allows you to login to Admin Panel where you can edit store settings, change templates, add integrations, import products and activate your shop.


Erply contains all the modules required for retail, and the order submitted by your customer will be executed if a purchase order has been generated from it. The goods are booked from the warehouse for a specific customer. Our partners include DPD, Itella Smartpost and Omniva, and ShopZ supports Visa, MasterCard and PayPal payment options. As a Shopz partner, you will enjoy the growth of your business because we help you bring customers to your e-store with free SEO, Facebook, Instagram and email marketing.

Build your own store flexibly with the help of modules according to the circumstances and wishes

Build your new webshop to your taste within minutes using ShopZ "Template Editor". With a huge selection of components adding and editing the components is easy and can be done by anybody. Here's a list of components available in the editor module:

  • Different options for headers
  • Product list view options with different layouts
  • Banners for bigger images to upload
  • Options to add smaller images
  • Views for shopping cart
  • Product detailed info views
  • Footers for every taste
  • Text components for adding info to your page
  • Etc.
Additionally you can easily add your payment and delivery integrations within minutes. Also edit your store other settings and add different policies for your page.

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